Orange County Stroke Rehab Network
Quarterly Meeting Minutes
March 18, 2010


The second meeting of the Orange County Stroke Support Groups took place on Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 7:30 pm at the American Heart Association offices at 4600 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92617. Below are the meeting minutes. For future meeting information, please contact us.


Meeting minutes:

  • May 8 Picnic Planning Meeting: 
    • When/Where: May 8 (Sat, 10-2), Aldrich Park, UCI; parking/facilities provided courtesy of Cramer Lab. Guesstimate N= 100 people; plan for 150
    • Main repository for info/communication: (We will update website calendar/events)
    • Theme:  “Living Well After Stroke”
    • Food and Drink:
        • Subway sandwiches and water - (Cramer Lab to fund);
        • Action Plan (AP): Jill and Sandhya to coordinate with assistance from Dennis
        • Appetizers and dessert: potluck-attendees to provide
          AP: SC include request in email announcements
        • Plates, cups, napkins, utensils, etc-
          AP: Alison to provide/coordinate
        • Sponsors? Probably not first time out
    • Program Format:
        • Designated time (10:00a.m-2:00p.m) for:
          • SC to welcome participants, give brief talk on stroke prevention
          • A few pre-selected individuals will present their success stories in 2 min/100 words or less
            AP: SC to solicit stories in email announcement/flyer; OCSRN leadership to select and contact those chosen
          • Reps (or committee volunteer) from agencies/facilities/resource groups will give brief summary of services/info available-disseminate brochures, etc. (parade around so stroke survivors don’t have to)
            AP: Need point person-AM will solicit; Volunteer Committee will contact reps or present info if no reps available;
        • Tables with resource information displayed; will pass out list of resources/table location in parking lot as participants arrive
          AP: Point Person above to oversee Volunteer Committee for organizing & coordinating, making map/list of tables
        • Need extra tables for eating food-especially for survivors-Dennis
    • Resources/Information to Display/Present
        • Non-profit services
          • Adaptive fitness and recreational activities: 
            AP: AM has list of several-will coordinate contacting those sites with Point Person from ‘E’ above
          • Others to include:
            • Area of Aging/Disability-Tricia Brown to coordinate
            • Communication Assistive Technology (ATEC: Assistive Technology Exchange Center), Braille Institutes, CA Telephone Access Program-Candace Vickers to coordinate
            • Nifty After Fifty Gym-woman Karen Carlson to email info
            • CA Dept of Rehab Services: AM to contact
            • AHA-stroke prevention brochures Adam Sanchez to coordinate
            • Research Studies: Cramer Lab/Lucy, Stephanie Kaplan from Casa Colina
            • OCTA rep for Access Program: AM to coordinate
            • Falls Risk Reduction- Rebecca York?
            • Centers for Students with Disabilities-need volunteer
            • Accessibility in Public Parks: LD to coordinate
            • Vision Rehabilitation Clinics: AM will check with Dr. Eric Ikeda (Casa Colina) and Dr. Christine Hoang (So Cal College of Optometry)
            • Driving Rehabilitation:  St. Jude’s?-need volunteer to coordinate
            • Rehab Centers, other commercial entities-OK to include info about their programs so long as not too aggressive in their marketing tactics (Saddleback Adapted PE
              AP: Info to be sent to; Dennis to check and forward to SC, LD, AM.  Do we need to send out a mass email with our list and ask people for other additions?
    • Equipment/Furniture Needed:
      • Tables, chairs, canopies (?)
      • PA system (microphone and speakers, power source?)
      • Balloons to guide to site of picnic
        AP: Dennis to coordinate (Candace Vickers has friend with party rentals)
    • Advertising
      • Flyers (with directions/map on back, schedule of events) via OCSRN email and mailing list (Cramer Lab), word of mouth
      • PSA-radio stations; Candace to explore
      • AHA network-volunteer who coordinates Star Training Program
      • Local Newspapers? AP: Need volunteer to do this-Lucy has list of some local papers/contact info from Robot Recruitment database; CPTA PR staff may assist as per Stephanie Kaplan
      • Local professional magazines/newsletters (OT, PT, ST, RN, etc.)
    • Photos: Ask people to bring cameras (SC via email, flyers), Candace V’s husband
    • Other volunteer duties will need: Students to get balloons, make signs, escort/direct participants
      AP:  Lucy to coordinate UCI students, AM to coordinate Chapman student


  • OCRN Main Meeting
    • Website
        • to add to main page list of providers: neuropsychologists, social workers, case managers, discharge planners, pharmacists, optometrists, vocational rehab, rehabilitation counselors
        • Move register to top: “Become a Member”
        • Fix full screen requirement
        • Members to enter facility info, include links
        • For now, most info available only to members
        • SC/OCSRN leadership to review info to be posted
        • Add calendar of events (educational offerings?)

        AP: SC to coordinate with Vu

    • Education/Speakers: November Meeting
        • SC and other stroke researchers; possibly invite Dave R, Carolee W or Cathy S (Steve Wolf, Pam Duncan?)
        • 3-4 hours, Sat, probably at UCI
        • CEUs, CMEs: Lucy to work with Dana for MD, OT, RN; AM to pursue Chapman getting Approved Agency status, else individuals can get partial credit on own through PT Board; Candace Vickers to look into ST (ASHA need to submit application)